Samsung PN50B550T2F PN58B550T2F Faults and Corrective Actions

A blank vertical cell (block) appears
on the screen.

Address buffer defect
- Replace the corresponding
upper/lower buffers (E, F or G)
COF defect (burnt)
- Replace the module

A green screen appears when the
TV is turned on.

The Scale is not resetting
- Replace the Main board

The OSD box appears but there is
no text.

Incorrect program version
- Check the version of each
- Replace the Main board

A blank upper (or lower) block
appears on the screen.

Upper/Lower Y Buffer defect
- Replace the corresponding upper/
lower buffers

Either the main or sub picture does
not appear.

Replace the Main board

A vertical green line appears on the

The SMPS voltage is incorrect
- Adjust the SMPS voltage
according to the voltage printed
on the module label

Dim screen (blurred in red)

X-Main board defect
- Replace the X-Main board

Blank Screen.

Replace the Y-Main board