Your washing machine is equipped with various automatic

safety and feedback functions. They enable failures
and needed maintenance to be detected and indicated
These failures are frequently so minor that they can be
removed within a few minutes

The washing machine does not
turn on.

• The plug is not inserted into the electrical outlet, or not enough to make contact. • There has been a power failure.
• The door is not fully closed.
The wash cycle does not start.
• The “ON/OFF” button has not been pressed.
• The “Start/Pause” button has not been pressed.
• The water tap is not open.
• A “Start delay” has been set.

The washing machine does not fill
with water (the message “NO
WATER, Turn tap on” is shown on
the display). “Beep” sound every
5 seconds.

• The water intake hose is not connected to the tap.
• The hose is bent.
• The water tap is not open.
• The mains water supply has been shut off.
• There is not enough pressure.

The washing machine loads and
drains water continuously.

• The “Start/Pause” button has not been pressed.
• The drain hose has not been installed at 65 to 100 cm from the ground.
• The end of the drain hose is immersed in water.
• The drain connector on the wall does not have an air vent.
• If the problem persists after having performed these checks, close the water tap,
shut off the washing machine, and call the After-sales service. If the dwelling is
located on one of the uppermost floors of a building, a siphon effect can
sometimes occur, thus causing the washing machine to load and drain water
continuously. Special anti-siphon valves are available on the market to prevent
these types of problems.

The washing machine does not
drain or does not spin.

• The program does not include the draining function: with certain programm
it must be activated manually. • The drain hose is bent. • The drain line is obstructed.

The washing machine vibrates
excessively during the spin cycle.

• At the time of installation, the drum was not properly unblocked.
• The washing machine is not level.
• The washing machine is squeezed between furniture and the wall.
The washing machine leaks water.
• The water intake hose has not been tightened properly.
• The detergent dispenser is clogged.
• The drain hose has not been properly fastened.

The machine is locked and the
display flashes, indicating an
error code (e.g. F-01, F-..).

• Shut off the machine, disconnect the plug from the outlet, and wait about 1
minute before turning it back on.
• If the problem persists, call the After-sales service.
Too much foam is formed.
• The detergent is not compatible with the washing machine (it must bear the
wording “for washing machines”, “for hand washing and washing machines”, or
something similar). • The dosage was excessive.

Door is locked, with or without
failure indication, and the
program does not run.

• Door is locked in case of power breakdown. Program will continue
automatically as soon as the mains is available again.
• Washing machine is in a standstill. Program will continue automatically after
the origin of the standstill does not persist anymore.