LG WT1801H WT1801HWA WT1801HVA Washing Machine Service Manual

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This is the original WT1801H WT1801HWA WT1801HVA top load washer service guide as used by all certified LG technicians and certified repair shops!

You will receive all technical information in order to service, fix and/or troubleshoot this great washer the best way there is! A real must
have for all tech-hobbyists and do-it-yourself technicians.

With this service manual at hand you will learn about;
1. Specifications
2.Installation Instructions
2-1. How to Adjust Level
2-2. Connecting Water Supply Hose
2-3. Connect the Drain Hose
3.Operating Instructions
3-1. Identification of Parts
3-2. Before Starting to Wash
3-3. Function of Each BUTTON
3-4. Washing Programs
3-5. Care and Maintenance
4.Service Information
4-1. Disassembly Instruction
4-2. Wiring Diagram
4-3. Test Running Without Water
4-4. Troubleshooting By Common Washing Problems
4-5. Troubleshooting Summary
4-6. PCB Picture
4-7. Troubleshooting with Error Code
4-8. Other Troubleshooting
5. Component Testing Information
5-1. Filter Assembly (Line Filter)
5-2. Door Lock Switch Assembly
5-3. Stator Assembly
5-4. Pump Motor Assembly
5-5. Inlet Valve Assembly
5-6. Thermistor Assembly
6. Exploded View

You will receive high quality repair documentation with step-by-step service instructions. Fully loaded with pictures and outstanding technical information.

Do your own service, maintenance and troubleshooting and save money on repairs and/or replacement!

Language; English
Format: PDF
Pages: 59

You will have instant access to your service manual so you can start you repairs within a matter of minutes!